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Events Diary

04 Sep 2017hole school training day to launch the journey towards the Dyslexia Aware Schools Quality Mark, covering basic awareness (spotting students who think faster than they deliver), identifying Dyslexic learners in the classroom, including vulnerable students by improving the classroom core offer and practical strategies to raise the achievement of students with poor working memory, weak spelling despite age/ability appropriate language, good comprehension despite weak decoding and great ideas but struggling to get it down on paperFocus Learning Trust Hornby Lancaster Campus
06 Sep 2017Programme and Venues to be announced. 6-8th SeptemberFraserburgh Schools on behalf of Aberdeenshir
14 Sep 2017Venue and Programme to be confirmedHarrow PATOSS
19 Sep 2017Twilight for all staffMeadowside Primary School, Warrington
27 Sep 2017Presenting a keynote and delivering workshops around practical approaches to reading writing and spelling for students on the Dyslexia Spectrum.Wirral
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Latest News

Patoss 2017 Handouts

Spring Lecture for Pattoss Notts on Tuesday 28th March – 6.30 for 7.00pm. My title is “get it right for Dyslexia – Get it right for all”

Dyslexia Friendly Apps Workshop, South Australia

A workshop taking place in South Australia Exploring Apps for iPads, tablets and laptops that are Dyslexia Friendly and how to best use them.

Client Feedback

I shared the ideas and methods that I learned in the course with my colleagues in a sharing session after the final examination in the 2015-2016 school year. I recommended colleagues to attend this course as this is the most stimulating and inspiring course that I, as a teacher with more than 20 years of experience, have ever attended. Not only is the course presenting theories, it also introduces a lot of practical teaching ideas, teaching aids and resources such as websites to colleagues. I will suggest the principal to allocate funds and human resources to build up teaching materials and aids such as vocabulary writing cards with sound boxes, alphabet arcs and clothes line and pegs for sentence building, etc.
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