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Neil MacKay, Action Dyslexia
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I have a background in Teaching, School Counselling, Behaviour Management and Wellbeing in Government and Non-Government schools. I am a registered teacher, although, my work in schools nowadays sees me operating as a Private Consultant, supporting schools to create positive learning environments though Restorative Practices.  This extends to running teacher and parent workshops; coaching teachers and helping schools and organisations to resolve conflict.

Neil MacKay, Action Dyslexia
Dyslexia South Australia

SPELD SA is the Dyslexia and Specific Learning Difficulties Association of SA. Supporting children & adults with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia.

SEN Books

Offers a wide range of texts, photocopiable books and software for both schools and families

Egon Publishers Ltd
Egon Publishers Ltd

Produces a range of photocopiable books for struggling learners. Including Literacy for Life and Maths Made Easy

Dr Steve Chinn - The Trouble with Maths
Dr Steve Chinn - The Trouble with Maths

This site is primarily about maths learning difficulties and dyscalculia

Neil MacKay, Action Dyslexia

Very comprehensive CD full of games, assessment and recording materials and sound advice for working with dyslexic learners

Gavin Reid is a leading writer and presenter. Look out for his latest publication The Routledge Companion to Dyslexia. I have a chapter in this book.

Neil MacKay, Action Dyslexia

This site is packed full of materials, books and innovative games

The Lucid Cops suite of programs to assess for dyslexic type learning issues. Produces a useful profile supported by sound intervention advice visa the comprehensive manual

TES Resources
TES Resources

Over 56,929 free teaching resources to use in your classroom and school today.

TES Resources provides brilliant ideas for brilliant lessons. Discover over 50,000 free tried and tested classroom resources that bring your lessons to life.

Created by teachers for teachers.

British Dyslexia Association
British Dyslexia Association

is the national charity working for dyslexic children and adults. Operates a national helpline 0845 251 9002 and runs workshops for dyslexic adults, families, teachers and employers

4D - For Dyslexia
4D - For Dyslexia The new thinking paradigm

These unique webspaces are designed to provide cohesive and comprehensive dyslexia resourses. They share the expertise of world leading thinkers on dyslexia with advice for dyslexic individuals and those who live with, work with and teach them.

Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand
Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand

is the national campaigning body for dyslexic children and adults in New Zealand

Welsh Dyslexia Project
Welsh Dyslexia Project

 leading charity operating in Wales which is a good source of advice for parents, especially with regard to bilingual issues

Dyslexia Scotland
Dyslexia Scotland

Organises a major annual conference and is a source of valuable information and advice


a Government site which is useful for tracking down current publications, pronouncements etc

Neil MacKay, Action Dyslexia

An EAL/ESL site full of great activities, games, songs etc which, though aimed at English as a second additional language, has plenty of material for teachers in the UK

Learning works
Learning Works

Access the Free Downloads, purchase 'CAP It All! - A practical manual for assessing individual needs' and book places on the current training and accredited CPD courses.

Neil MacKay, Action Dyslexia
Ian Smythe's blog

Ian Smythe is a world authority on issues relating to multilingualism and dyslexia and author of The International Book of Dyslexia: A Guide to Practice and Resources , the International Dyslexia Test and Dyslexia in the Digital Age..

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Dyslexia Friendly Apps Workshop, South Australia

A workshop taking place in South Australia Exploring Apps for iPads, tablets and laptops that are Dyslexia Friendly and how to best use them.

Courses on Offer 2017

A list of courses being offered for 2017.

Client Feedback

Hi Neil, It was great hearing you again in East Sussex..inspiring. Am having a lot of feedback from schools who seem buzzing with it.
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