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Leading on the IDP

This book is written for all teachers who have got lost in IDP cyber space and are wondering where to go next. The purpose is to support IDP leaders to wrap some excellent materials around their schools and use them to drive the school improvement plan (SIP) through a focus on inclusive, classroom based best practice. Also available (details below) is a "consultancy plus twilight" package to empower leaders to drive the IDP in their schools.

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In the book I support the reader to navigate the materials, offer strategies to identify and select the "must read" pages and show how to plan compelling CPD which is focussed on typical OFSTED/SIP imperatives, including:

  • ECM
  • Personalising learning
  • Assessment for learning
  • Alternative evidence of achievement
  • Differentiation
  • Managing behaviour for learning
  • Identifying and responding to barriers to learning
  • Provision mapping - especially classroom provision mapping

Also included are simplified self evaluation forms, much more focussed than the IDP questionnaires, which based on typical OFSTED questions.

Consultancy plus personalised twilight package - no need to wait for a training day
I am available to provide an afternoon consultancy with the lead team followed by an inspirational twilight for all staff. The consultancy will focus on linking the IDP to the school SIP priorities and planning a CPD programme. Immediately following the consultancy, the whole staff twilight will launch the CPD package and place the IDP firmly in the context of achievement and attainment for all pupils through Quality First teaching and effective "notice and adjust" strategies. For further details please contact me

Download an Additional Chapter to the Book
This chapter relates to the "Supporting pupils with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties" (BESD) strand of the Inclusion Development Programme (IDP) and is the final element of my book "Leading on the IDP". As with the other IDP strands, I have looked critically at the BESD material and made suggestions about how to include elements of the DVD in a CPD programme. Colleagues who have already purchased the book can download the new chapter and use it in as part of their school based training. If you have not bought the book I hope you find this chapter interesting and you can click on the link to buy a copy from my Publisher, SEN Marketing.

Leading on the IDP - Sample Chapter Download final chapter

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Client Feedback

The combination of your address to the plenary session at the start, working with individual departments and your presentation to parents and others proved to be remarkably successful. Indeed, overall, it was one of the most successful visits of its kind I have ever seen. Moreover the way you engaged with our staff, some of whom have been quite resistant to some of these notions was outstanding. It is a real gift you have and I thank you for your work with us.
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