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Handouts form Differentiation Workshop TES 2014

The workshop presented a range of ways to differentiate teaching and learning for students who think faster than they deliver and who may be "low prior attainers.  Teaching and learning imperatives from the Code of Practice, National Curriculum and OFSTD were combined into a coherent response for busy class teachers.  A particular focus was on the use of higher order question stems from Bloom and SOLO taxonomies and also teh use of resiprocal teaching as a more engaging way to guide reading.

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Client Feedback

A fantastic afternoon & SO very timely for us as we had planned this very week to introduce Reciprocal reading to our Primary 3 classes! I will absolutely take your point on board about technology in particular dictionaries and see how we can find a way to integrate this more....... Thank you for discussing things with us - we will be incorporating the writing techniques from tomorrow starting with a session on brainstorming :) Leigh Wilson-Brown
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