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Raising the Achievement of Low Prior Attainers through Thematic Approaches

Raising the Achievement of Low Prior Attainers through Thematic Approaches

This school or cluster based training opportunity, driven by the 2015 curriculum requirements, demonstrating how to consolidate discretely taught basic literacy skills through thematic approaches.  The focus will be on:

  • developing key aspects of reading for meaning, spelling and getting ideas down on paper though the  medium of combined Foundation subjects

  • modelling ways to  challenge and stretch pupils at the “ends of ability”  - especially underachieving high attainers and those with specific learning needs – these would be our “priority learners.”

    The training can be:

  • A whole day or half day event for all staff.

  • A half day consultancy session with lead staff to integrate the specific teaching of basics into the Foundation subjects, followed by an “inspirational twilight” to launch the process with all staff.

Personalised training can also be provided to meet the specific needs of schools in order to raise attainment within literacy.  By arrangement there is the opportunity to run an event for parents on the same evening – perhaps to share ways that parents can support their children at home.

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Client Feedback

I shared the ideas and methods that I learned in the course with my colleagues in a sharing session after the final examination in the 2015-2016 school year. I recommended colleagues to attend this course as this is the most stimulating and inspiring course that I, as a teacher with more than 20 years of experience, have ever attended. Not only is the course presenting theories, it also introduces a lot of practical teaching ideas, teaching aids and resources such as websites to colleagues. I will suggest the principal to allocate funds and human resources to build up teaching materials and aids such as vocabulary writing cards with sound boxes, alphabet arcs and clothes line and pegs for sentence building, etc.
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