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So you think your child may have Dyspraxia

So you think your child may have Dyspraxia

Children who suffer from dyspraxia find it difficult to learn how to coordinate their thoughts, motor skills and language. As a result, they can appear to be clumsy and to have difficulty in expressing themselves.

Dyspraxia can affect many of the actions, which are under the voluntary control of the child. So activities like dressing, eating, writing, drawing and organising can present major problems.

It may be helpful to view certain difficulties in light of other strengths and successes and to take every opportunity to celebrate good performance.

Children with dyspraxia are often very concerned about the difficulties they face and may have a very poor image of themselves, both as learners and as members of their peer group.

In school, handwriting is often an issue, especially when under pressure to work quickly. Personal organisation can also be a challenge, particularly having the correct equipment for lesson and, because language skills often break down under stress, the child may find it difficult to give reasons for any problems.

What can parents and teachers do to help?

Try to identify difficulties that can be overcome - perhaps by therapy and/or practice - and those, which can only be minimised. Some difficulties are very difficult to resolve and the child may need to be supported to find other ways of working.


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