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Dyslexia Friendly Strategies & Support

Successful Stragies for struggling Readers and Writers

The four workshops offer opportunities for Teachers and Teacher Aides to observe inclusive Dyslexia Aware teaching methods designed to engage students who think faster than they read and write.  The teachniques presented with be bench marked with current research during discussions at the special plenaries that follow each lesson.

The writing lessons will demonstrate how to overcome some of the main issues for reluctant writers which include having too many ideas to process, sequencing and organising these ideas and actually getting started.  Multi sensory techniques will be modelled which promote writing through talk via the focus genre of narrative/fiction and exposition.

The reading lessons focus on accessing text for students who think faster than they decode - once again with specific reference to the evidence base.  Mutli sensory techniques to identify and extract key information will be modelled together with specific strategies to harness the power of context.  Reciprocal reading will also be modelled and presented as an effective whole class approach to develop higher order thinking and questioning.

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You were very inspirational and also practical which as you know for teachers is everything!!
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