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TES Handout - Working Memory

PDF materials from my workshop presented at the TES Education Show October 2014.  This is a snap shot of a full day presentation which explains how many of the problems experienced by "low prior attainers" are due to poor working memory on the part of the students.  "Memory lite" solutions are presented which promote the effective dvelopment of metacognitive skills for spelling jargon words, reading for meaning and organising writing.

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Client Feedback

I had no previous experience working with students with special educational needs which is why I came to your seminars. So I just thought I'd write to say how engaging and informative your seminars were. I attended 'dyslexia as a learning preference' and 'notice and adjust strategies for a busy classroom'. You made me aware of so many little tactics that can make the running of the classroom that bit more exciting but wholly educational at the same time.
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