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Friday 6th October - SL07 - Writing skills for reluctant writers – especially boys!

Reluctant writers have all the ideas and skills they need to write effectively, but struggle with processing, sequencing and memory overload. This very practical session, honed through work in Hong Kong in second language settings, demonstrates how simple tweaks to current practice supports students to write as well as they talk. It also demonstrates how to get it right for boys in ways that work for girls as well.


Neil Mackay, director, Action Dyslexia Ltd



And Saturday 7th October - SL33 - Going for mastery and greater depth

Life without levels creates opportunities to provide stretch, challenge and risk for students with age/ability appropriate “thinking” but weak basic skills.This lively and interactive presentation models evidence-validated solutions based around formative evaluation, questioning, alternative evidence of achievement and scaffolding to create deep learning that sticks. Also covered is the importance of “proper/earned praise” during questioning and marking to emphasise the relationship between growth mindset and resilient approaches to learning.


Neil Mackay, director, Action Dyslexia Ltd


** EDIT**

I had originally prepared this presentation weeks ago and upon reflection about how to connectlearning, especially for smart students whose thinking is better than their basic skills, I have come up with these slides. 

Extra slides

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Client Feedback

I was part of the group of Salford teachers who attended your training last Thursday and wanted to thank you. As SENCO I was responsible for organising our involvement and was greeted on Friday by the majority of colleagues not only with a smile - unusual in itself on a Fri morning - but also with thanks for the training. That was a first. The most common words used to describe the training were practical and inspirational.
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