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TV Interview with Today Tonight

Interview with “Today Tonight” – Australia’s number one current affairs programme.


This interview followed the filming of a number of “observed lessons” in a school in Gawla.  My brief was to model inclusive, dyslexia aware good practice which would:

1.  work well in whole class settings

2. challenge at the ends of ability

3. enable “slow reading, quick thinking” students to demonstrate their comprehension skills via alternative evidence of achievement.

The interview includes some very telling comments from students and can be uploaded here

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Client Feedback

I had no previous experience working with students with special educational needs which is why I came to your seminars. So I just thought I'd write to say how engaging and informative your seminars were. I attended 'dyslexia as a learning preference' and 'notice and adjust strategies for a busy classroom'. You made me aware of so many little tactics that can make the running of the classroom that bit more exciting but wholly educational at the same time.
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