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Patoss 2017 Handouts

Article Category - News
Spring Lecture for Pattoss Notts on Tuesday 28th March – 6.30 for 7.00pm. My title is “get it right for Dyslexia – Get it right for all”

Does ADHD really exist?

Article Category - Lets Talk
My view on Professor Jerome Kagan's belief that ADHD doesn't exist.

Second Language Acquisition

Article Category - Lets Talk
An article looking at the issues of second language acquisition.

Dyslexia Friendly Apps Workshop, South Australia

Article Category - News
A workshop taking place in South Australia Exploring Apps for iPads, tablets and laptops that are Dyslexia Friendly and how to best use them.

Feed Back from Dyslexia Friendly Schools Training in Ayr

Article Category - Dyslexia Aware Schools
Images relating to out of the box 'feedback'

Getting Reluctant Writers to Write

Article Category - News
Providing solutions for students who talk a great narrative but who struggle to get their ideas down on paper is a major element of my whole school and NQT training and makes for a great twilight and/or workshop as delivered recently at Moor First School (Cluster Twilight) and at the South Ayrshire Dyslexia Conference. I discuss the three main reasons why apparently smart students, especially those on the Dyslexia Spectrum, struggle to get their ideas down on paper. They are: 1. Too many ideas – rarely too few. But the ideas often come so thick and fast that the student is overwhelmed by possibilities 2. The ideas never, ever come out in the right order. Many smart students are smart precisely because they are not linear, sequential, “beginning-middle-end” thinkers. But, while this is great for creativity, it can play havoc with planning No idea how to get started – all the ideas are whizzing around and committing that first sentence Then I provide solutions based around the psychology of memory and information processing, modeling kinaesthetic techniques which empower students to think without boundaries, select and order ideas and talk them through before writing.

Understanding Dyslexia

Article Category - Dyslexia Aware Schools
From my counterparts in South Australia. A power point shining a light on Dyslexia and creating a dyslexia friendly classroom.

Courses on Offer 2017

Article Category - News
A list of courses being offered for 2017.
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Client Feedback

I was part of the group of Salford teachers who attended your training last Thursday and wanted to thank you. As SENCO I was responsible for organising our involvement and was greeted on Friday by the majority of colleagues not only with a smile - unusual in itself on a Fri morning - but also with thanks for the training. That was a first. The most common words used to describe the training were practical and inspirational.
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