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How aboriginal children perceive maths

Article Category - News
While the article discusses how to embed Indigenous Australian knowledge and practices into the Australian national curriculum effectively - particularly the maths curriculum, the significance goes far beyond the shores of Australia

DEtails of TES SEN Show at the Islington Business Centre

Article Category - News
SL33 Removing dyslexia as a barrier to achievement Saturday 12 October 2013 12.30 - 13.30 SL22 Dyslexia and Asperger's syndrome: complimentary sides of the same coin? Friday 11 October 2013 15.30 - 16.30

Brochure of training and consultancy opportunities for the coming academic year

Article Category - News
The training and consultancy opportunities outlined below are designed to support and enthuse schools which are committed to meeting the needs of struggling pupils who may not meet the criteria for extra support.

Back to Australia on Monday

Article Category - News
The Dyslexia Aware Quality Mark is taking off in the Barossa. Schools have engaged with the Quality Mark through whole school training and the active support of the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD)

TV Interview with Today Tonight

Article Category - Dyslexia Aware Schools
A short interview following observed teaching in a school in Gawla South Australia

Notes from Dyslexia Scotland Conference 2013

Article Category - Dyslexia
This article contains a précis of my keynote together with notes from other aspects of this excellent conference. My notes from other aspects of this excellent conference are also included ,together with slides from my hand-out as promised to delegates.

Keynote - Dyslexia Scotland Perth

Article Category - Dyslexia
My keynote presentation identifies key classroom adjustments that have been introduced into schools in South Ayrshire through my training courses as part of the local Dyslexia Friendly Schools initiative. It also seeks to introduce a paradigm shift away from Dyslexia as a disability and towards viewing Dyslexia as a preferred way of learning – effectively acknowledging the right to be Dyslexic and our obligation to teach our students in the ways they prefer to learn. I will be modelling three classroom based strategies which are “Dyslexia Aware” and which have a positive impact on the learning of all individuals in a classroom. My slides for the presentation will be posted on the Dyslexia Scotland website and also on this site, technology permitting!

Workshops in New Zealand and Australia

Article Category - News
Off to New Zealand again in May for workshops on North Island.and on to Australia for a 5 state lecture tour during the first two weeks in June
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Patoss 2017 Handouts

Spring Lecture for Pattoss Notts on Tuesday 28th March – 6.30 for 7.00pm. My title is “get it right for Dyslexia – Get it right for all”

Dyslexia Friendly Apps Workshop, South Australia

A workshop taking place in South Australia Exploring Apps for iPads, tablets and laptops that are Dyslexia Friendly and how to best use them.

Client Feedback

I used your story writing lesson plan for an observation and got great results from many of my boys but also from a handful of girls who uncharacteristically wrote a story opening of 2 + pages. Thank you for the really useful training. Laura James.
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